Licensed Practical Nurse | Licensed Vocational Nurse

Why You Should Consider Hiring A Licensed Practical Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse

Why You Should Consider Hiring A Licensed Practical Nurse

Nurse practitioners (NPs) and licensed practical nurse (LPN) are two of the most important professions in the healthcare industry. LPNs ensure that patients receive the care they need for their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. The American Nurses Association estimates approximately one million licensed practical nurses (LPNs) working in the healthcare industry. A licensed nurse in Miami can also offer services in nursing homes, eldercare centers, and other care providers. Some LPNs are seconded to private clients to help them get nursing care within their homes.

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNS), Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN)

LPNs, LVN are similar to nurses’ aides, but they can perform more advanced duties than nursing assistants, unlicensed personal caregivers, and non-nursing assistants are licensed to do. A licensed nurse, licensed vocational nurse in Miami may also provide services for patients who need more complex medical treatments than those given by health care assistants. Tasks performed by LPNs include administering medication and injections, assisting patients with activities of daily living, helping patients eat, providing for personal hygiene, and taking a patient’s vital signs. LPNs must be registered with the state nursing board before working in any of these positions. Regulation is typically stricter in hospitals than in nursing homes or home health agencies.

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNS)

Where Can You Get LPN Services


A private nurse in Miami can work in various settings, including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and private homes of clients who need nursing home services or eldercare services. Licensed practical nurse, licensed vocational nurses services can be beneficial to you when you are looking for a nursing agency in Miami to provide compassionate care within the comfort of your own home. A skilled nursing facility in Miami can be a great place to look for a licensed nurse in Miami who can help you with your daily living activities. A skilled nursing facility in Miami will provide more personalized services and more individualized care than a health care provider located in a larger centre city area.

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